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I established my pest control business in 1993 with the objective of providing innovative, effective and environmentally friendly solutions for the control of termites in houses and business premises.

Following our success in pest controlwe have continually expanded our services by providing solutions for all kinds of pests. Our commitment has seen Termitrust become the control provider for thousands of homes and properties. I am proud to say that nearly all of our clients have been with us for many decades. .



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The team at Termitrust discuss my personal commitment to providing the most professional, courteous and prompt service.

Our technicians are trained in pest biology, breeding habits and the appropriate methods for treating certain pests. This includes handling and applying treatments safely and efficiently.  In addition, we will recommend what precautions to take in the long run to prevent or minimise ongoing problems.

Paul, our Operations Manager, has over 10 years' experience in pest management in Adelaide and is widely respected for his industry knowledge and his ability to solve pest problems that others cannot.

Members of the group of technicians have worked with us for a number of years and have developed strong relationships with their clients. They honor your home and solitude and are mindful when you have children or pets. Our technicians are household people also and will care for your home as though it's theirs. .



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Termitrust provides secure and effective solutions for its control of the many different pests found around Adelaide. This includes pest inspections, termite inspections, and treatments for termites, spiders, ants, cockroaches, rodents, silverfish and other unwanted intruders. We only use products that are registered for specific pests. We discuss the treatments with you before application. .

When you experience an inspection or treatment using Termitrust, we explain exactly what we're using, how long it will last and precautions you can take to ensure the treatment remains effective.



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To get Adelaides leading insect inspections, call our friendly team today. If you want to know more about exactly what Termitrust can do to help, check out our quick links below!

Bed bugs are small wingless insects that feed on human blood. They belong to the family Cimicidae within the order Hemiptera. The insects name is derived from normal places where humans rest. Places that the bed bugs live with humans include homes, hostels, bedrooms, beds and areas of little movement like cinemas or theaters.

Ranging in length from 1 - 5mm, fully-grown adults reach a similar size to an apple seed. They have six legs, long antennae and massive mandibles (mouth parts), which can impale human skin. .

Cimex Lectularius or Common Bed Bug is your species being best adapted to temperate climates and having the distribution across the globe.



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C. hemipterus or Tropical Bed Bug is generally confined to tropical regions. This species favors high humidity and temperature.

While comparable looking, they can be identified by looking at the first section of the thorax, visit this site right here or the part between the head and abdomen. The very first section of the thorax on the common bed bug is expanded laterally and also the intense margins are more flattened than the tropical bed bug.



4 Easy Facts About Termite Technology Pest Control ExplainedHow Green Pest Termite & Pest Control Adelaide can Save You Time, Stress, and Money.
Warmth and also the presence of carbon dioxide (which humans breathe out) brings these insects. Bed bugs will feed each five to ten times but may survive for many months without a blood feed. They're equipped with two hollow tubes to pierce the skin and aid in feeding. One of these tubes is used to draw blood from the sleeping victim, while another injects anticoagulants and anaesthetic into the bunch. .



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The anaesthetic can produce the bite painless, which means that a sleeping victim may be unaware of this sting. The anticoagulant prevents the blood from clotting, making it easier for the bed insect to draw the blood. Because of this, the person may continue to bleed out of the sting visit site site leaving tell-tale stains of blood on the sheets.

Bed bugs can quietly rest themselves under the cover of materials and lie still for long periods, making detection difficult. .

Even though they are unable to fly, bedbugs are quickly movers and are fast to escape once they're exposed to light.

Female bed bugs lay two or three white eggs per day and up to 3500 during the course of the lifespan. Eggs usually hatch within 5-10 days under warm conditions, but can lie dormant for longer periods if the conditions are not ideal. Newly hatched nymphs look very similar to adults but are smaller, translucent and white in colour.

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